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Forbes Top 10 Books for Networking

A Brown Girls Guide to Employment and Networking is not just for Brown Girls. The guide is for individuals who need advice on networking, career transitioning, interviewing and reaching your highest career potential. This guide is also for women who might feel discouraged and need a few tips to find what type of work environment would best be suited for them.


Fruitful Vision Enterprises (FVE) teaches individuals and groups the steps needed to achieve goals, dream enormous, and strategies that lead to leveling-up their career. 

As one of New England's most renowned Motivational Visionary's and Workforce Development Guru, Dr. T. Jacques is a dynamic motivational speaker and career coach. 

Dr. T. Jacques  also leads Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training programs and has implemented workforce programs that have targeted women, minorities, college students, youth, incumbent workers, unemployed workers, and under-employed workers.



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Here is a sample of Organizations booked by Dr. Jacques.

  • Women's Lunch Place

  • Eliot Congregational Church of Roxbury 

  • Women's Lunch Place

  • Roxbury Community College

  • Becker College


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